Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

The Wallstreet index ended up higher after positive earning reports from companies like Alcoa. Nikkei (+2.85%) and Hang Seng (1.85%) too experience a strong increase from previous day's record. JCI however started off with a modest +0.85% start because many stocks have reached their new peaks on the previous day. A negative sentiment came through after the noon break due to a breaking news regarding slower market expansion because of undisbursed loan as much as 400 trillions rupiahs. Bakrie group also contributed a negative sentiment because they are suspected of misplacing the companies funds. Bank stocks such as BBRI tumbled. The JCI index finished lower at 0.66%.

Disappointing finish for JCI

Wallstreet finished higher Tuesday afternoon NY time due to positive reports from Companies like Alcoa, Nikkei started with a strong 2.85 % increase from previous day, and Hang Seng index started with 1.85 % increase from previous day. These positive winds was strong enough to push the JCI to a new level of 0,85% increase from yesterday up until noon today. A negative sentiment came through after a breaking news about slower market development due to undisbursed load from banks adds up to 400 trillions rupiah and Bakrie group companies suspected of misplacing the company money. Bank stocks like BBRI tumbled down after reaching new highs for the past two days.